The work you do while you procrastinate is probably the work you should be doing for the rest of your life.
A woman – is every punctuation mark, especially a fictional one.

We are the beginning, the finality, a scream, a pause, a note, an extract, a hint, the foundation, a bell, a bridge – a question. The truth. Written by someone else. At first the full stop, then a comma.
Can you see it bending? Can you? – she doesn’t fit into a sentence. A single colon is not enough.

A world, where there’s no space for yuvaika (donna, femme, женщина, 여자, kvinna, zéna, frau, կին etc) is chaos. A world where God is just an empty chair facing a typewriter: you lose the point while typing. A house full of paper waste.

Look through the lens and feel the form of it, the smell of it, the feeling of it, its blood and its flesh. The truth. Take a look in the mirror.

Can you see me?..
— Gishian Valeriia